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OEM Auto Filter Hardware Teile
  • OEM Auto Filter Hardware Teile
Lieferzeit: 10 Tage

Modell: OEM

Punches over 130 sets Space 7000 square meters
Experience 13 years Certificate ISO9001; RoHS
Matrial Stainless steel, steels ,aluminum alloy, red copper, brass, bronze alloy, etc
Processing service Mold designing, stamping, stretching, deep drawing, bending, welding, plating, assembling and packaging.
Application Electric meters, shunts, temperature controllers (thermostats), mutual inductors, current transformers, relays, transformers, sound ,car GPS ,Car chargers, etc.
Coating nickel plating, zinc plating, chrome plating, gold plating, acid pickling, etc.
Systerm We manage our order-produce-plating-package-delivery with ERP system
Production Supply more than 10,000pcs per day with one mold
Efficiency Quotation within 1 day , Sample arrangement within 3 days
Packing Plastic bag first, boxes, cartons, wooden cases, and so on.

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Wir haben ISO9001 Zertifikat bestanden

Unsere Fabrikansicht

Unsere Produktionswerkstatt & Plating Werkstatt


Wir haben progressive Mold Processing Devices

* SODIC Langsam-Draht-Schneidemaschine
* Automatische CNC Linie Zeichnung / Loch Stanzmaschine
* Automatische Sägemaschine
* Form Wärmebehandlung Ofen
* Schnellschnelldraht-Schneidmaschinen
* Gewindeschneidmaschine

Wir haben Progressive Texting & Measuring Machines

* 2,5 D Messmaschine
* Schichtdickenmessmaschine
* Salz Spray Texting Machine
* VHN Texting Machine
* Rockwell Texting Machine

Produktgruppe : Autoteile

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